Montana State Legislature

About the Legislature

Montana's Legislature is made up of three divisions, the House of Representatives and the Senate. While the branch is responsible for ensuring that all Montanans are educated about and encouraged to participate in their state legislature, each division has a focus that supports the others.

Branch Breakdown

Legislative Staff

The mission of the Legislative Audit Division (LAD) is to increase public trust in state government by reporting timely and accurate information about agency operations, technology, and finances to the Legislature and the citizens of Montana.

The Legislative Fiscal Division (LFD) provides non-partisan budget and data analysis to the Montana Legislature so all lawmakers have objective, accurate and relevant information to make state financial decisions.

Established in 1957 as the Montana Legislative Council, the Legislative Services Division (LSD) was originally created by the Legislature as the first permanent legislative agency to provide information to legislators and the public and to study selected problems confronting the Legislature in the interims between biennial sessions. Since then, the Legislature has added to the division’s duties and responsibilities in a variety of areas.


The House is made up of 100 members elected to 2-year terms. Montanans elect all 100 members every 2 years.

The Senate is made up of 50 members elected to 4-year terms. Montanans elect half of the 50 members every 2 years.

A Guide to the Montana Legislature is a 48-page booklet for anyone wanting basic information about the way the Montana Legislature works and how best to get involved in the legislative process. The guide may be downloaded or a printed copy may also be available in booklet form. If interested in a printed copy, please inquire with Legislative Services Division at 406-444-3064.

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