Montana State Legislature

COVID-19 Response Panel

Legislative Leadership COVID-19 Response Panel

  • The Legislative Leadership COVID-19 Response Panel meet January 8th.  The Panel tentatively adopted Covid Panel Rules (version 1).


  • The Legislative Leadership COVID-19 Response Panel met Thursday, January 14, 2021,  The document based on the actions to date can be found here:  COVID Panel Rules - Version 2 (latest version).  The meeting materials, including a copy of the rules with the changes shown are:

Rep. Abbott Amendment
Sen. Cohenour Amendment
Symptoms, Testing, Protocols
Critical Infrastructure Employees
Vaccine Phases Infographic
HR Memo to Leadership

COVID Panel Rules - Version 2 - with all changes shown.

  • The Legislative Leadership Panel will meet again:  TBD.  At that time, the Panel may take a limited amount of public testimony, please submit written comments or request to testify by noon the day prior to the meeting..


  • Senate President Mark Blasdel
  • Senate President Pro Tempore Jason Ellsworth
  • Senate Majority Leader Cary Smith
  • Senate Minority Leader Jill Cohenour
  • Speaker of the House Wylie Galt
  • Speaker of the House Pro Tempore Casey Knudsen
  • House Majority Leader Sue Vinton
  • House Minority Leader Kim Abbott


  • Nadine Spencer


  • Todd Everts, Susan Fox
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