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Recurring Reports and Fiscal Documents 

2023 Biennium Budget Analysis 

Volume 1 Statewide Perspectives - HB 2 Tables & Charts


PowerPoint Presentation of 2023 Biennium LFD Budget Analysis of Governor Gianforte's Budget to HAC/SFC

Governor’s Budget Director Alme’s Slides 1-14-2021

Preliminary 2023 Biennium Statewide Budget Analysis on Governor Bullock's Budget

If you are looking for the Governor's Budget Books, they are available on the

Pension basics and what to expect from stress testing - Legislative Week 2020 Video: Presentation by Elizabeth Wiley, consulting actuary, Cheiron, begins at 08:15:20


Legislative Finance Committee Pension Subcommittee materials:


State Administration and Veteran's Affairs materials




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