Revenue and Transportation


The committee is seeking input on the revenue estimate. The meeting to adopt the revenue estimate is scheduled for November 19, 2018. An agenda will be available later in October.

Regular interim work has concluded. Committee legislation is available on the Legislation page. Final reports are posted on the Committee Topics page for each study.

November 19, 2018 - Meeting Materials


The video/audio meeting archives are still under development. However, meeting recordings are available using the interface below.

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Past/Current Recordings

The Revenue and Transportation Interim Committee is a 12-member, joint bipartisan committee of the Legislature that meets between legislative sessions. It has administrative rule review, draft legislation review, program evaluation, and monitoring responsibilities for the Montana Department of Revenue, the Montana Department of Transportation, and the Montana Tax Appeal Board. The committee also has revenue monitoring and estimating responsibilities and must prepare a revenue estimate for introduction before each regular legislative session.

Committee Staff:

Megan Moore, Lead Staff
Jaret Coles, Attorney
Laura Sherley, Secretary