Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 7. Importation, Introduction, and Transplantation of Wildlife

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87-5-701. Purpose.
87-5-702. Definitions.
87-5-703. Applicability to other provisions for importation or introduction of wildlife.
87-5-704. Rulemaking.
87-5-705. Regulation of exotic wildlife.
87-5-706. Noncontrolled exotic wildlife authorized for possession or sale.
87-5-707. Controlled exotic wildlife list.
87-5-708. Classification review committee -- composition, appointment, and duties.
87-5-709. Exceptions and exemptions to possession and sale of exotic wildlife.
87-5-710. reserved.
87-5-711. Control of importation for introduction and transplantation or introduction of wildlife.
87-5-712. Authority for commission to control importation, possession, or sale of certain wildlife species and exotic wildlife.
87-5-713. Control of wildlife species permitted to be transplanted or introduced.
87-5-714. Wildlife species authorized for introduction or transplantation.
87-5-715. Extermination or control of transplanted or introduced wildlife or feral species posing threat.
87-5-716. Consultation with departments of agriculture, public health and human services, and livestock.
87-5-717. through reserved.
87-5-721. Penalty -- license and permit revocation and denial.
87-5-722. through reserved.
87-5-725. Notification of transplantation or introduction of wildlife.