Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 4. Special Education for Exceptional Children

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20-7-401. Definitions.
20-7-402. Special education to comply with board policies.
20-7-403. Duties of superintendent of public instruction.
20-7-404. Cooperation of state agencies.
20-7-405. through reserved.
20-7-411. Regular classes preferred -- obligation to establish special education program.
20-7-412. Repealed.
20-7-413. Repealed.
20-7-414. Determination of children in need and type of special education needed.
20-7-415. Repealed.
20-7-416. through reserved.
20-7-419. Rules.
20-7-420. Residency requirements -- financial responsibility for special education.
20-7-421. Arranging attendance in another district in lieu of a special education program -- tuition.
20-7-422. Out-of-state placement of child with disability -- payment of costs.
20-7-423. Repealed.
20-7-424. No tuition when attending state institution.
20-7-425. through reserved.
20-7-431. Allowable cost schedule for special programs -- superintendent to make rules -- annual accounting.
20-7-432. through reserved.
20-7-435. Funding of educational programs at in-state children's psychiatric hospitals and in-state residential treatment programs for eligible children.
20-7-436. Definitions.
20-7-437. Renumbered .
20-7-438. through reserved.
20-7-441. Repealed.
20-7-442. Repealed.
20-7-443. Financial assistance special education services for children under 6 years of age.
20-7-444. through reserved.
20-7-451. Authorization to create full service education cooperatives.
20-7-452. Detailed contents of full service education cooperative contracts.
20-7-453. Repealed.
20-7-454. Final approval and filing of full service education cooperative contract.
20-7-455. Authorization to appropriate funds for purpose of full service education cooperative contract.
20-7-456. Tenure of teachers employed by cooperatives.
20-7-457. Funding provisions for special education purposes of cooperatives or joint boards.
20-7-458. Repealed.
20-7-459. and reserved.
20-7-461. Appointment and termination of appointment of surrogate parent.
20-7-462. Responsibilities of surrogate parent.
20-7-463. Surrogate parent -- immunity from liability -- reimbursement.
20-7-464. through reserved.
20-7-470. Blind persons' literacy rights and education -- short title.
20-7-471. Blind persons' literacy rights and education -- definitions.
20-7-472. Individualized education program for child with blindness.
20-7-473. Standards of competency and instruction -- Braille reading and writing.
20-7-474. Instructional materials and Braille equipment -- Braille equipment loan program.
20-7-475. Blind persons' literacy rights and education -- personnel training.