Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 6. Local Review Procedure

Effect Of Approval Of Application And Preliminary Plat

76-3-610. Effect of approval of application and preliminary plat. (1) Upon approving or conditionally approving an application and preliminary plat, the governing body shall provide the subdivider with a dated and signed statement of approval. This approval must be in force for not more than 3 calendar years or less than 1 calendar year. At the end of this period the governing body may, at the request of the subdivider, extend its approval for a mutually agreed-upon period of time. Any mutually agreed-upon extension must be in writing and dated and signed by the members of the governing body and the subdivider or subdivider's agent. The governing body may issue more than one extension.

(2) Except as provided in 76-3-507, after the application and preliminary plat are approved, the governing body and its subdivisions may not impose any additional conditions as a prerequisite to final plat approval if the approval is obtained within the original or extended approval period as provided in subsection (1).

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