Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Land Transfers

Contract For Deed Permitted If Buyer Protected

76-3-303. Contract for deed permitted if buyer protected. Notwithstanding the provisions of 76-3-301, after the preliminary plat of a subdivision has been approved or conditionally approved, the subdivider may enter into contracts to sell lots in the proposed subdivision if all of the following conditions are met:

(1) under the terms of the contracts, the purchasers of lots in the proposed subdivision make any payments to an escrow agent, which must be a bank or savings and loan association chartered to do business in the state of Montana;

(2) under the terms of the contracts and the escrow agreement, the payments made by purchasers of lots in the proposed subdivision may not be distributed by the escrow agent to the subdivider until the final plat of the subdivision is filed with the county clerk and recorder;

(3) the contracts and the escrow agreement provide that if the final plat of the proposed subdivision is not filed with the county clerk and recorder within 2 years of the preliminary plat approval, the escrow agent shall immediately refund to each purchaser any payments the purchaser has made under the contract;

(4) the county treasurer has certified that no real property taxes assessed and levied on the land to be divided are delinquent; and

(5) the contracts contain the following language conspicuously set out: "The real property that is the subject of this contract has not been finally platted, and until a final plat identifying the property has been filed with the county clerk and recorder, title to the property may not be transferred in any manner."

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