Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Role of Commission and Power of Eminent Domain

Meaning Of Term "public Utility"

69-3-101. Meaning of term "public utility". (1) The term "public utility", within the meaning of this chapter, includes every corporation, both public and private, company, individual, association of individuals, and their lessees, trustees, or receivers appointed by any court that own, operate, or control any plant or equipment, any part of a plant or equipment, or any water right within the state for the production, delivery, or furnishing for or to other persons, firms, associations, or corporations, private or municipal:

(a) heat;

(b) street-railway service;

(c) light;

(d) power in any form or by any agency;

(e) except as provided in chapter 7, water for business, manufacturing, household use, or sewerage service, whether within the limits of municipalities or towns or elsewhere;

(f) regulated telecommunications service.

(2) The term does not include:

(a) privately owned and operated water, sewer, or water and sewer systems that do not serve the public;

(b) county or consolidated city and county water or sewer districts as defined in Title 7, chapter 13, parts 22 and 23;

(c) except as provided in chapter 7, municipal sewer or water systems and municipal water supply systems established by the governing body of a municipality pursuant to Title 7, chapter 13, parts 42, 43, and 44; or

(d) a person exempted from regulation as a public utility as provided in 69-3-111.

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