Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 2. Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Associations

Association As Creditor -- Use Of Assets

33-10-225. Association as creditor -- use of assets. (1) For the purpose of carrying out its obligations under this part, the association is a creditor of the impaired or insolvent insurer to the extent of assets attributable to covered policies reduced by any amounts to which the association is entitled as subrogee pursuant to 33-10-223.

(2) All assets of the impaired or insolvent insurer attributable to covered policies must be used to continue all covered policies and pay all contractual obligations of the impaired or insolvent insurer as required by this part. Assets attributable to covered policies, as used in this section, is that proportion of the assets which the reserves that should have been established for such policies bear to the reserve that should have been established for all policies of insurance written by the impaired or insolvent insurer.

(3) As a creditor of the impaired or insolvent insurer, as established in this part and consistent with 33-2-1363, the association and other similar associations are entitled to receive a disbursement of assets out of the marshalled assets, from time to time as the assets become available to reimburse it, as a credit against contractual obligations under this part. If, within 120 days of the receivership court issuing a final determination of insolvency of an insurer, the liquidator has not made an application to the court for the approval of a proposal to disburse assets out of marshalled assets to guaranty associations having obligations because of the insolvency, then the association may make application to the receivership court for approval of its own proposal to disburse those assets.

History: En. 40-5814 by Sec. 14, Ch. 245, L. 1974; R.C.M. 1947, 40-5814(3); amd. Sec. 10, Ch. 27, L. 2011.