Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. School Terms and Holidays -- Released Time

School Term, Day, And Week

20-1-302. School term, day, and week. (1) Subject to 20-1-301, 20-1-308, and any applicable collective bargaining agreement covering the employment of affected employees, the trustees of a school district shall set the number of days in a school term, the length of the school day, and the number of school days in a school week and report them to the superintendent of public instruction.

(2) When proposing to adopt changes to a previously adopted school term, school week, or school day, the trustees shall:

(a) negotiate the changes with the recognized collective bargaining unit representing the employees affected by the changes;

(b) solicit input from the employees affected by the changes but not represented by a collective bargaining agreement; and

(c) solicit input from the people who live within the boundaries of the school district.

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