Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Functions

Instruction Of Judges -- Training Materials

13-4-203. Instruction of judges -- training materials. (1) Before each election, all election judges must be instructed by the election administrator on current procedures as prescribed by the secretary of state. In precincts where voting systems are used, instructions must cover both how to operate the voting system and how to manually process any paper ballots.

(2) An election administrator may require a chief election judge to attend the training session before each election, as well as a special session that the election administrator may hold for chief election judges only, even if the chief election judge possesses a current certificate of completion pursuant to 13-1-203(5)(b).

(3) Any individual willing to be appointed as an election judge may attend an instruction session by registering with the election administrator. However, the individual may not be paid for attendance unless the individual is appointed as an election judge.

(4) Each election judge completing a training session under this section must be given a certificate of completion. An individual may not serve as an election judge without a current certificate. However, this requirement does not apply to individuals filling vacancies in emergencies.

(5) A certificate of completion is current if the certificate is obtained before the primary election in an even-numbered year.

(6) Notice of the place and time of instruction must be given by the election administrator to the presiding officers of the political parties in the county.

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