Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 42. Urban Renewal

Modification Of Urban Renewal Project Plan

7-15-4221. Modification of urban renewal project plan. (1) An urban renewal project plan may be modified at any time by the local governing body. If modified after the lease or sale by the municipality of real property in the urban renewal project area, the modification is subject to any rights at law or in equity that a lessee or purchaser or the lessee's or purchaser's successor or successors in interest may be entitled to assert.

(2) An urban renewal plan may be modified by ordinance.

(3) (a) Before modifying an urban renewal plan to provide tax increment financing for the district or to use bonds as provided in 7-15-4218, the municipality shall provide notice to the county and the school district in which the urban renewal district is located and provide the county and the school district with the opportunity to meet and consult in a public meeting with the opportunity for public comment regarding the effect on the county or school district.

(b) The tax increment financing provision must be proposed with consideration for the county and school districts that include municipal territory.

(4) All urban renewal plans approved or modified by resolution prior to May 8, 1979, are validated.

(5) A plan may be modified by:

(a) the procedure set forth in 7-15-4212 through 7-15-4219 with respect to adoption of an urban renewal plan;

(b) the procedure set forth in the plan, which must include a public hearing.

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