Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 42. Urban Renewal

Use Of Neighborhood Development Program To Implement Urban Renewal Activities

7-15-4220. Use of neighborhood development program to implement urban renewal activities. (1) The municipality may elect to undertake and carry out urban renewal activities on a yearly basis. In such event, the activities shall be included in the yearly budget of the municipality. The undertaking of urban renewal activities on a yearly basis shall be designated as a "neighborhood development program" and the financing of such activities shall be approved in accordance with 7-15-4218.

(2) In the event of such election, the municipality shall present its proposed annual increment activities or undertakings for public approval in keeping with 7-15-4211 through 7-15-4221. Such activity year shall relate to the budget year of the municipality.

(3) Such activities need not be limited to contiguous areas. However, such activities shall be confined to the areas as outlined in the urban renewal plan as approved by the municipality in accordance with this part. The yearly activities shall constitute a part of the urban renewal plan, and the municipality may elect to undertake certain yearly activities and total urban renewal projects simultaneously.

(4) Every municipality shall have all the power necessary or convenient to plan and undertake neighborhood development projects consisting of urban renewal project undertakings and activities in one or more urban renewal areas which are planned and carried out on the basis of annual increments in accordance with the provisions of this part and part 43 for carrying out and planning urban renewal projects.

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