Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 44. Municipal Commission-Manager Government Continued

Supervision Of Plats

7-3-4444. Supervision of plats. (1) The director of public service is the supervisor of plats of the municipality. The director shall see that the regulations governing the platting of all lands require all streets and alleys to be of proper width and to be coterminous with the adjoining streets and alleys and that all other regulations are conformed with. Whenever the director considers it expedient to plat any portion of the territory within the corporate limits in which the necessary or convenient streets and alleys have not already been accepted by the municipality so as to become public streets or alleys or when any person plats any land within the corporate limits or within 3 miles of those limits, the director shall, if the plats are in accordance with the regulations prescribed for plats, endorse the director's written approval on the plats.

(2) A plat subdividing lands within the corporate limits or within 3 miles of those limits may not be entitled to be recorded in the recorder's office of the county without the written approval endorsed on the plat.

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