Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 25. Department of Transportation

Board Of Aeronautics -- Qualification -- Allocation -- Quasi-Judicial

2-15-2506. Board of aeronautics -- qualification -- allocation -- quasi-judicial. (1) There is a board of aeronautics.

(2) The board consists of nine members. The members are:

(a) one member of the Montana pilots' association;

(b) one member of the Montana chamber of commerce;

(c) one representative of the Montana airport management association;

(d) one member of the Montana county commissioners association or the Montana league of cities and towns;

(e) one person actively engaged in aviation education in this state;

(f) one person representative of interstate commercial airline operators, who must at the time of appointment be an employee or official of an interstate commercial airline operator and a resident of this state;

(g) one person representing the general public;

(h) one member of the association of Montana aerial applicators; and

(i) one person who must at the time of appointment be an active fixed base operator in this state, or an official of a fixed base operator in this state, of flying services or flying schools.

(3) The board is allocated to the department of transportation for administrative purposes only as prescribed in 2-15-121.

(4) The board is designated as a quasi-judicial board for purposes of 2-15-124.

(5) The administrator of the aeronautics division shall act as liaison between the board and the department of transportation.

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