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Fiscal Division Staff Reports 2001-2002 Interim

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of November 19th, 2002
10/2/2002 Securitization of Tobacco Funds Clayton Schenck
10/2/2002 Tobacco Revenue Bonds Piper Jaffray
09/26/2002 Global Fiscal Issues: LFC Recommendations to the 2003 Legislature Clayton Schenck
09/26/2002 Budget Amendments Taryn Purdy
09/20/2002 Program Transfer Taryn Purdy
09/20/2002 Section in HB2 Narrative for Intent Language Taryn Purdy

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of October 3rd & 4th 2002
10/2/2002 Special Session Tax Policy Legislation & Revenue Update Terry Johnson
10/2/2002 Required Reports List Jon Moe
09/26/2002 General Fund Preliminary Budget Outlook: 2005 Biennium LFD Staff
09/26/2002 2005 Biennium LFD Budget Analysis Plan LFD Staff
09/20/2002 HJR 1 Interim Study of Public Mental Services : Update Senator Bob Keenan
09/20/2002 Potential Agency Cost Overruns / Supplemental requests Taryn Purdy
09/25/2002 Handling of Federal Fire Reimbursements - Legal Opinion  Gary Hamel
09/19/2002 DNRC Fire Cost Report Gary Hamel
09/18/2002 District Court Assumption – Update Lynn Zanto
09/20/2002 Bill Draft for Attorney General Opinion Taryn Purdy
09/20/2002 Budget Amendments Taryn Purdy
09/20/2002 Time Sensitive Budget Change Documents Taryn Purdy
09/20/2002 HB 2 Section 7 Transfers Taryn Purdy
09/20/2002 HB 2 Companion Bill Taryn Purdy
09/20/2002 SB 162 Subcommittee: Final Recommendations Jon Moe
09/20/2002 PEPB Policy Goals, Accountability Measures & Reporting Pam Joehler
09/20/2002 Legislative Fiscal Training Taryn Purdy

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of  June 13th & 14th 2002
LFD - Analysis Spending Reduction Proposal - Fiscal 2003
Part 1 - Overview
Part 2 - Revenue Estimates Part 3 - Expenditure Reduction Plan
Introduction Introduction
Business Taxes General Government & Transportation
Natural Resource Taxes Health & Human Services
Interest Earnings Natural Resources & Commerce
Consumption Taxes Corrections & Public Safety
Property Taxes Education
All Other Taxes  
06/12/2002 Supplemental Appropriation for Department of Public Health and Human Services Lois Steinbeck
Pat Gervais
06/04/2002 Alternative Compensation Plan (Broadbanding) Greg DeWitt
Gary Hamel
06/05/2002 Appropriations Transfers Submitted by Governor Taryn Purdy
06/06/2002 Supplemental Appropriation Request For DNRC 
Related Legal Opinion
Gary Hamel
Greg Petesch
06/06/2002 Appropriation Transfers - Dept. of Justice Lorene Thorson
06/05/2002 Operating Plan Changes & Program Transfers Taryn Purdy
06/05/2002 Operating Budget Change DPHHS Pat Gervais
06/04/2002 District Court Assumption - Update Lynn Zanto
06/06/2002 Budget Amendments Lorene Thorson
05/16/2002 Budget Amendment 340 Lorene Thorson
05/13/2002 POINTS Subcommittee Status Report Greg DeWitt
05/31/2002 HJR 1 - Mental Health Services Lois Steinbeck
05/30/2002 Post Secondary Education Policy & Budget Subcommittee Pam Joehler
05/31/2002 Required Reports Jon Moe
05/302002 Vacancy Savings/Personal Services Budgeting Study Jon Moe
Todd Younkin

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of  March 14th & 15th 2002
3/13/2002 POINTS Subcommittee Status Report Clayton Schenck
03/13/2002 HJR 1: Mental Health Services Lois Steinbeck
03/13/2002 Education Funding Study Jim Standaert
03/13/2002 Questions to the Supreme Court Taryn Purdy
03/14/2002 Issues with Estimates with HB 124 Terry Johnson/ Jim Standaert
03/13/2002 General Fund Ending Fund Balance & Revenue Trends Terry Johnson
03/07/2002 Senate Bill 495 Impacts and Implications Roger Lloyd
02/28/2002 Use of Emergency Fund Relative to Declared Emergencies Todd Younkin
03/01/2002 Legal Opinion concerning Emergency Fund Lee Heiman
03/08/2002  Dept. of Public Health and Human Services Budget Status Pat Gervais/ Lois Steinbeck
02/28/2002 Proposed Operation Plan Changes Taryn Purdy
02/14/2002 Corrections Budget Status Lorene Thorson
02/27/2002 DNRC Supplemental Appropriation Request Gary Hamel
03/01/2002 Wild land Fire Suppression Funding Methodology HJR42 Gary Hamel
02/27/2002 Fire Suppression Costs Update Gary Hamel
03/01/2002 Pro-File System: Update Lorene Thorson
02/27/2002 Federal Highway Funding Reduction  Greg DeWitt
03/01/2002 Required Reports Jon Moe
03/01/2002 Required Reports Lists Jon Moe
02/27/2002 Budget Amendments Taryn Purdy
02/26/2002 Proposed Process for Committee Involvement with I.T. Issues Greg DeWitt
02/08/2002 Internal Service Fund Rate Recommendations Greg DeWitt

Report for: General Reference
03/01/2002 Progress on Long Range Building Projects Approved in the 57th Legislative Session Catherine Duncan

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of  Dec. 6th & 7th 2001
12/07/2001 Capitol Security Costs Greg DeWitt
12/06/2001 Summary of HJR 1 Meeting and DPHHS Budget Projections Pat Gervais
Lois Steinbeck
12/03/2001 Proposed Operation Plan Changes Taryn Purdy
12/03/2001 Corrections Population Status Lorene Thorson
12/03/2001 Authority of the Legislative Finance Committee – Legal/Other Taryn Purdy
12/05/2001 Montana Science and Technology Alliance Portfolio Todd Younkin
11/30/2001 Reply: Carroll South, Executive Director, Montana Board Of Investments Todd Younkin
11/20/2001 Letter to Board of Investments Todd Younkin
12/07/2001 Senate Bill 495 - Implementation Roger Lloyd
11/21/2001 Budget Amendments Taryn Purdy
12/07/2001 Fire Suppression Update Gary Hamel
11/14/2001 Education Policy Goals Pam Joehler
11/15/2001 Postsecondary Education Policy and Budget Subcommittee Update Pam Joehler
12/06/2001 Information Requirements for Internal Service Rate Setting Greg DeWitt/ Todd Younkin
11/212001 Required Reports Jon Moe
11/20/2001 State Bonding Program Update Catherine Duncan
11/20/2001 TANF Update: FAIM Caseload and Committee Options Regarding HB 273 Pat Gervais

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of  Oct. 5, 2001
10/04/2001 General Fund Status: Fiscal Year End 2001 Terry Johnson
10/03/2001 Fire Suppression Update Gary Hamel
10/01/2001 Federal Tax Reform Jim Standeart
09/20/2001 Highways State Special Revenue Account: Working Capital Update Greg DeWitt
09/18/2001 Video Gambling Dial-up System  Lorene Thorson
09/20/2001 HJR 1 Study Plan Legislative Staff
09/21/2001 2003 Biennium TANF Reporting Pat Gervais
09/21/2001 Budget Amendments Taryn Purdy

Reports for: Finance Committee Meeting of  June 18, 2001
06/06/2001 Budget Amendments Taryn Purdy
06/11/2001 Selected Legislation of Interest to the LFC Greg DeWitt
06/08/2001 HJR 1 - Continuing Study of Public Mental Health Issues Lois Steinbeck


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