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Alternative Livestock License Moratorium Petition and Call


WHEREAS, the alternative livestock producers of Montana are deeply concerned aboutthe threats posed by chronic wasting disease to Montana's domestic and wild elk populations;and

WHEREAS, there is substantial controversy and difference of opinion with regard to therelationship between alternative livestock ranches, wild game animals, and chronic wastingdisease; and

WHEREAS, the alternative livestock industry and others are expending significantresources to learn more about this disease; and

WHEREAS, there are national efforts directed at developing a test on live animals todetermine the presence of chronic wasting disease; and

WHEREAS, Article V, section 6, of The Constitution of the State of Montana and section5-3-101, MCA, provide that the Legislature may be convened in special session at the request ofa majority of the members.

NOW, THEREFORE, WE THE UNDERSIGNED, being a majority of the members ofthe Fifty-Sixth Legislature, pursuant to Article V, section 6, of the Montana Constitution andsection 5-3-101, MCA, hereby convene the Fifty-Sixth Legislature into special session in Helena,to run concurrently with the special session beginning May 8, 2000, called by the Governor.

The special session hereby convened shall consider legislation to impose a moratoriumon new applications for new alternative livestock ranch licenses until such time as a live test forchronic wasting disease is developed and is approved by the Department of Livestock.

Members of the Fifty-Sixth Legislature:

Rep. Darrel Adams

Rep. Chris Ahner

Rep. Joan Andersen

Rep. Shiell Anderson

Rep. Joe Barnett

Rep. Rod Bitney

Rep. Sylvia Bookout-Reinicke

Rep. Matt Brainard

Rep. Roy Brown

Rep. Robert "Bob" Clark

Rep. Edith J. Clark

Rep. John Cobb

Rep. Aubyn Curtiss

Rep. Rick Dale

Rep. Bob Davies

Rep. Stanley M. Fisher

Rep. Steven J. Gallus

Rep. Larry Hal Grinde

Rep. Antoinette R. "Toni" Hagener

Rep. Marian W. Hanson

Rep. Dan Harrington

Rep. Donald Hedges

Rep. Chase Hibbard

Rep. Verdell Jackson

Rep. Sam Kitzenberg

Rep. Ralph Lenhart

Rep. Gay Ann Masolo

Rep. Gary Matthews

Rep. Matt McCann

Rep. Daniel W. "Dan" McGee

Rep. Joe McKenney

Rep. Doug Mood

Rep. Scott J. Orr

Rep. Joe Quilici

Rep. William "Bill" Rehbein, Jr.

Rep. John "Sam" Rose

Rep. Brennan Ryan

Rep. Bruce T. Simon

Rep. Paul Sliter

Rep. Frank J. Smith

Rep. Loren L. Soft

Rep. Robert R. Story, Jr.

Rep. Jay Stovall

Rep. Bill Tash

Rep. Lila V. Taylor

Rep. Bill Thomas

Rep. Cliff Trexler

Rep. John E. Witt

Rep. Tom Zook

Sen. Tom Beck

Sen. Dale Berry

Sen. Mack Cole

Sen. William S. "Bill" Crismore

Sen. Bob Depratu

Sen. Gerry Devlin

Sen. Pete Ekegren

Sen. Alvin A. Ellis, Jr.

Sen. Duane Grimes

Sen. Lorents Grosfield

Sen. John G. Harp

Sen. John R. Hertel

Sen. Ric Holden

Sen. Reiny Jabs

Sen. Thomas F. Keating

Sen. Bob Keenan

Sen. Walter L. McNutt

Sen. Kenneth "Ken" Mesaros

Sen. Arnie Mohl

Sen. Glenn A. Roush

Sen. Debbie Shea

Sen. Charles "Chuck" Swysgood

Sen. Jon Tester

Sen. Fred Thomas

Sen. Daryl Toews

Sen. Jack Wells

Sen. Bill Wilson

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