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2001 Session LAWS System Enhancements

You spoke, we listened.

Many LAWS users provided us feedback during and after the 1999 regular session. We appreciate your comments, and have tried to implement as many of the good ideas users provided. Listed below are some of the enhancements that are new for the 2001 session.

  • Bill text is available online with line numbers. Now you can download or view bills via the www that look exactly like the 'official' copy and use this online version to accurately apply amendment report descriptions (which locate changes to a bill using page and line numbers). To ensure the online version is an exact copy of the original, we have used the Adobe PDF format for this. The previous online formats for bills (HTML, and WordPerfect 5.1) remain available too.
  • Online Preference List signup. Preference list users can now signup for a preference list online. No need to mail in a form! Another significant advantage is that you can choose your own preference list user ID and password! Details and a link to create your preference list account.
  • Advanced Preference List maintenance. We've added a completely new method of adding bills to your preference list(s). You don't need to know bill numbers before you start, and you can add multiple bills at a time! We think this will make creation and maintenance of lists much easier for you.
  • Better web server. The server that supports LAWS has been upgraded. We're hopeful that most of the temporary system outages we encountered in 1999 will not recur.
  • Session information via email. If you would like to receive email announcements of relevant information throughout the session you can. Details here.

These are just a few of the prominent changes we've made for the 2001 session. There have been numerous other changes that we think will improve the LAWS system for the 2001 session. Thanks for your feedback. If you have other ideas or feedback, please send a message to us: LAWS Webmaster

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