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Improving the Montana Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Process

Senate Joint Resolution No. 18: Report to the 57th Legislature of the State of Montana

Table of Contents

Environmental Quality Council Members

House Members

Rep. Paul Clark*
Rep. Kim Gillan, Vice-Chair
Rep. Monica Lindeen
Rep. Doug Mood*
Rep. Bill Tash
Rep. Cindy Younkin*

Public Members

Mr. Tom Ebzery
Ms. Julia Page
Mr. Jerry Sorensen
Mr. Howard F. Strause*

Senate Members

Sen. Mack Cole
Sen. William Crismore, Chair
Sen. Bea McCarthy*
Sen. Ken Mesaros
Sen. Barry "Spook" Stang*
Sen. Jon Tester

Governor's Representative

Ms. Julie Lapeyre

*MEPA Subcommittee members

Legislative Environmental Policy Office Staff

Todd Everts, Legislative Environmental Analyst
Larry Mitchell, Resource Policy Analyst
Mary Vandenbosch, Resource Policy Analyst
Krista Lee Evans, Resource Policy Analyst
Maureen Theisen, Publications Coordinator
State Capitol, P.O. Box 201704
Helena, MT 59620-1704
406) 444-3742

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:     The Need to Study the MEPA

Chapter 2:     MEPA's Purpose, History, and Process

Chapter 3:     MEPA by the Numbers

Chapter 4:     MEPA and the Courts

Chapter 5:     Other State Environmental Policy Acts

Chapter 6:     MEPA: Is it Substantive, Procedural, or Both?

Chapter 7.     Costs and Benefits of the MEPA Process

Chapter 8:     MEPA Timeliness and Efficiency

Chapter 9:     Public Involvement Under MEPA

Chapter 10:    EQC Findings and Recommendations


References and Endnotes


Appendix A:     SJR 18

Appendix B.     Montana Environmental Policy Act

Appendix C.     Issue Inventory

Appendix D.     LC 158

Appendix E.     LC 159

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