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2003 Districting and Apportionment Plan - FINAL

Districting and Apportionment Commission (1999-2003) home page
      (minutes, plan proposals, background information, and more)

Litigation Information: No litigation at this time.

Commission - Adopted House and Senate Districts

The following districts became law on July 2, 2003, and the Commission is dissolved. These districts were adopted on February 5, 2003, by the Commission and were renumbered and amended since the December 6, 2002 version.

  • State Plan Overview (February 5, 2003, updated February 4, 2004) includes descriptions of each district, population figures, holdover Senate assignments, and other information (w/corrections).

  • Legislative Services  House Districts Map  (As of February 5, 2003)
       regional maps below

  • Legislative Services  Senate Districts Map (As of February 5, 2003)
        regional maps below

  • Commission-adopted Senate Districts -- Pairing of House Districts into Senate Districts and the Assignment of Holdover Senators (February 5, 2003: minutes). (Attempt to repeal by SB 445 was overturned as was Legislatively-adopted Holdover Senate District Pairings in SJR 23 and authority in SB 258 (Legislative Administration Committee January 27,2003: minutes). See Litigation updates above!

  • Tables with More Information:
  • More Maps courtesy of Natural Resource Information System at the State Library:
  • A shapefile or text file of the New House and Senate Districts is available for download. The files are in a zip file created with WinZip. (For a thorough explanation of downloading zip files and shapefiles see

  • Link to County Census Block maps at CEIC.
  • Regional Maps of House Districts

    Northcentral Region

    Northeast Region

    Central Region

    Southeast Region

    Southcentral Region

    Southwest Region

    Western Region

    Regional Maps of Senate Districts

    Districting and Apportionment Commission (1999-2003) home page.

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