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59th Legislature -- 2005 REGULAR Session

House Committees

  (H) Agriculture
  (H) Appropriations
  (H) Business and Labor
  (H) Education
  (H) Ethics
  (H) Federal Relations, Energy and Telecommunications
  (H) Fish, Wildlife and Parks
  (H) Human Services
  (H) Judiciary
  (H) Legislative Administration
  (H) Local Government
  (H) Natural Resources
  (H) Rules
  (H) State Administration
  (H) Taxation
  (H) Transportation
  (H) Select Committee on Education
  All House Committees

Senate Committees

  (S) Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation
  (S) Business, Labor and Economic Affairs
  (S) Committee on Committees
  (S) Education and Cultural Resources
  (S) Energy and Telecommunications
  (S) Ethics
  (S) Finance and Claims
  (S) Fish and Game
  (S) Highways and Transportation
  (S) Judiciary
  (S) Legislative Administration
  (S) Local Government
  (S) Natural Resources
  (S) Public Health, Welfare and Safety
  (S) Rules
  (S) State Administration
  (S) Taxation
  All Senate Committees

Joint Appropriations Subcommittees

  (J) Corrections and Public Safety
  (J) Education
  (J) General Government and Transportation
  (J) Health and Human Services
  (J) Long-Range Planning
  (J) Natural Resources and Conservation
  All Joint Appropriations Committees

Other Joint Committees

  (J) Joint Select Committee on Education Funding
  (J) Joint Select Committee on Mental Health

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