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Education & Local Government Interim Committee

The Education and Local Government (ELG) Interim Committee is a joint bipartisan committee of the legislature that meets between legislative sessions. The ELG’s statutory duties include review of proposed administrative rules and draft legislation, as well as completing any studies assigned to it. They also entail monitoring the operations of, and providing information to, the State Board of Education, Board of Public Education, Board of Regents of Higher Education, and the Office of Public Instruction. Lastly, the ELG acts as a liaison with local governments, providing an important forum for discussion of strong, effective governance at the community and county level.


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Meeting Schedule and Materials

June 29, 2007
September 25, 2007
December 13-14, 2007
March 13-14, 2008
March 29
June 12-13, 2008
September 4-5, 2008
January 10, 2009 Learning for Life conference materials

All Meeting Materials

Assigned Studies

HJR 22 study - Payback and Incentive for Dental Students
HB 49 study - Study local government special purpose districts


Work Plan

Staff Reports

Other Readings

Proposed Legislation


HB 49 - Special Purpose Districts

PEPB Subcommittee

K-12 Subcommittee

Other Committee Activities

State Agency Monitoring

Rule Review:

How to Contact Us

Casey Barrs, Lead Staff
Jeremy Gersovitz, Attorney
Fong Hom, Secretary
Legislative Services Division
PO Box 201706
Helena, MT 59620-1706

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