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Interim Studies 2009-2010

Montana legislators have identified 16 topics they wish to study in depth during the interim between the 2009 and 2011 biennial sessions. The purpose of the studies is to help them make informed decisions about potential new policies they may wish to pursue in future sessions.

The 2009 Legislature passed five bills requiring specific studies. It also passed 18 resolutions requesting interim studies. After the 2009 session, lawmakers were polled to determine which of those studies they most wanted to pursue given limited time, staff, and money. The Legislative Council is ultimately responsible for making interim study assignments.

Study Topics

Auto Insurance Bonus Payments for State Employees
Biomass Community Colleges
Developmental Disabilities DNA Evidence
DUI Laws Fire Suppression
Health Care Historic Preservation
Income Taxes Public Employee Retirement
Property Taxes Recycling
State Laboratories State Energy Plan
Student Loans Taxation of Oil, Natural Gas Property
Tourism and Recreation Water Policy
Worker's Compensation

To read the legislation authorizing a particular study,
click on the bill or resolution number.
For schedules and agendas of committee meetings, click on the committee name.
Committee meetings are audiocast live.
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HB = House Bill
HJR = Joint Resolution Initiated in the House
SJR = Joint Resolution Initiated in the Senate






Studies Required by Statute

Property Taxes

  • HB 658 directed the Revenue and Transportation Committee to review property tax assistance for certain residential property owners and directed the state Department of Revenue to conduct sales assessment ration studies of residences and report the results to the committee.
  • For more information: Jeff Martin

Public Employee Retirement

State Energy Plan

Taxation of Oil and Natural Gas Properties

Water Policy

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Studies Assigned by Legislative Council

Based on the poll of legislators and recommendations of legislative staff, the Legislative Council chose to conduct 16 additional interim studies. In order of their priority, they are:

Worker's Compensation

Health Care


DUI Laws

Auto Insurance

Fire Suppression


Bonus Payments for State Employees

Historic Preservation

DNA Evidence

Income Taxes

Developmental Disabilities

State Laboratories

Tourism and Recreation

Community Colleges

Student Loans

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