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     2-18-1310. Plan membership election -- contract for employer participation. (1) At the request of at least 25% of its employees, an employer may facilitate an election by all the employer's employees or by a specified group of the employer's employees to determine whether those employees will form an association for the purpose of participating in the plan. An election among employees on whether to form an association may also be initiated by the employer.
     (2) If a majority of the employees voting on the question vote to become plan members, then, in a manner prescribed by the department:
     (a) all of the employees that were eligible to vote on the question and any employees subsequently hired into the positions covered under the terms and conditions of the election must be formed as a common association for the purpose of plan membership and the employees must become plan members; and
     (b) the employer shall enter into a contract with the department to participate in the plan and must become a contracting employer.
     (3) A common association shall operate in a manner prescribed by the department unless the association is disbanded in a manner prescribed by the department.
     (4) A contracting employer shall provide to the department, or the appropriate administering entity, the information necessary for the plan's operation. The department, in partnership with a contracting employer, shall provide to plan members the information necessary to actively participate in the plan.

     History: En. Sec. 7, Ch. 272, L. 2001.

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